The Border Collie Classic 2018 will take place in Slovakia
Silver lake ranch
(Ranθ na Striebornom jazere)

Esterhazyovcov 29, 924 01 Galanta

GPS: 48°12'30.7"N  17°43'48.3"E
          (48.208528 N, 17.730083 E)


2 rings will be in the hall (under the roof), third ring will be outside near the hall. Hall is open (without walls), with small tribune on both sides. There's a place for you and your dogs.
surface: sand
We would like to ask all the competitors and visitors to keep the area clean including the surroundings of the hall (e.g. clean-up after their dogs) and to park their cars strictly on the sufficiently parking lot.
You can see the meal menu