List of meals prepared on the BCC

Meals will be prepared in the restaurant since Thursday noon
Meal stands will be opened Friday through Sunday

Chicken soup2
Vegetable soup2
Chicken steak with cheese sauce, rice6.50
Fried cheese, fries, ketchup4.90
Fried cauliflower, fries, ketchup4.90
Ranch delicacy (pork meat, potato pancake, hot sauce)5.90
Chicken wings (pickles, bread)0.90 / 1pc
Roast pork knee (bread, pickles, mustard, horse radish)10.30
Roasted pork ribs, American potatoes, pickles and horse radish7.50
Pancakes with marmalade and whipped cream3
Dumplings filled with plums (5pc)3.50
Dumplings with poppy3
Chicken steak, boiled potatoes, vegetable6
Fried pork schnitzel, rice, vegetable side dish6.50
Hungarian goulash, yeast dumpling5.90
Breakfast in the restaurant
Boiled frankfurters (sausage)2.50
Scrambled eggs (4 eggs)2.50
Hot dog (with ketchup / mustard)1.80
Meal stands
Fried pork steak with bun3
Fried chicken steak with bun3
Backed sausage3
Pot goulash3.50
Non-alcoholic beverages (Mineral water, Nestea, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite )
Sweets, Draught Kofola